Terms and Conditions



The LJ Hooker Harrington Holiday Letting Terms and Conditions agreed to by both parties are as follows. A withdrawal from the same by you permits the owner or agent to refuse the handover of the key, amend the charge or immediately terminate the occupancy. When a guest registers or an invitee of a guest enters the premises, they are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these conditions.


a) A 50% deposit of the total cost of your booking, a non-refundable booking fee of $40, a receipt of the Security Deposit/Credit Card Authority Form, Pet Agreement if applicable and Acknowledgement of the Harrington Accommodation Terms and Condition is required upon your reservation to ensure that your booking is confirmed. Booking within 8 weeks of your booking commencement date, full payment is required. We cannot accept responsibility for any booking without the above received by our office upon the booking made. If the guest doesn't notify or respond to the payment reminders, LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to charge the saved card on or after the due date of the total outstanding payment required.  If all of the above items are not received by the due date, your booking will be cancelled without further notice to you. Please choose your booking carefully as deposits are not transferrable. All properties incur an additional cleaning charge. LJ Hooker Harrington accepts bank cheque and or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only). Personal cheques that are dishonoured will incur a dishonour fee of $15.00.

b) Credit Card payments incur a surcharge of 1.9%. This can be subject to change without notice dependant of financial institutions’ fees and charges.

c) Personal cheques are not accepted within 14 days prior to your arrival.

d) Any owing balance of holiday tariffs is be paid and received 8 weeks prior to your arrival. Occupancy and keys will not be provided until all monies, all required paperwork and Credit Card details and ID to be confirmed in person on arrival.

e) If guest/s extend their booking during their stay, the balance of the tariff will be due and payable upon the extending request.

f) All tariffs are subject to increase without notice, especially in the case of the premises being upgraded or renovated, on instructions from the owner, and in respect of genuinely misquoted accommodation fees. Guests will be given the opportunity to pay the increase or obtain a full refund of the deposit paid.

g) Bookings for the Christmas and New Year weeks are strictly 7 days. 

h) The Owner has first right to occupancy of the property - Your booking is made in good faith, but we cannot be held responsible for actions outside our control taken by the current or new owner/s of the premises.

i) LJ Hooker Harrington will no longer be holding the property for current guests for the same time the following year. We are physically unable to do this due to the multiple booking platforms we are now on. If you wish to rebook the property we advise you do this in advance to avoid disappointment. 



a) LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to obtain your current Credit Card details as a Security Deposit, which is held for all bookings on all properties before collecting keys. Please advise any friends who may be accompanying you.

b) By using the Saved Card feature and accepting the Harrington Accommodation Terms and Conditions and the below Card Saving Terms and Conditions, you agree to;

Guests Credit Cards will be saved and may be charged for certain losses or expenses after their stay such as damages to the property, lost or stolen property and or extra cleaning charges. Please advise any friends who may be accompanying you. All payments are to be by the guests Credit Cards and by confirming payment, you acknowledge Harrington Accommodations Terms and Conditions. 

Guests Credit Cards may be charged up to 6 weeks after departure once an inspection has confirmed the condition of the premises. If a guest in the premises breaches any of the Harrington Accommodation Terms and Conditions of Letting, LJ Hooker Harrington is authorised, without giving you prior notice, to claim the full amount of the Security Deposit and you will have no claim against the Agent in respect to them doing so. If the loss or damage exceeds the value of the Security Deposit, the agent, in addition to any other rights, the agent and or the owner of the premises may have at law or in equity, the right to recover from the guest at any costs incurred due to the breach of Harrington Accommodations Terms and Conditions. If the guest doesn't notify or respond to the payment reminders, LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to charge the saved card on or after the due date of the total payment required. 

c) A fee of $22.00 will be charged if a bond claim is required to be processed. Please advise any friends who may be accompanying you in this regard.

d) All guests must jointly agree in consideration of the payment of the security deposit. In the event that the property has been damaged whether wilful or not or left in an excessively untidy or dirty state, in the sole and absolute discretion of the manager or his servants and agents may without reference enter a debit up to the full value of the Security Deposit on the guests Credit Card provided. Agreeing to Harrington Accommodation Terms and Conditions, the guests authorise us to do so without the guests having any further claim against the agent for doing so.



a) Arrival time is between 2:00pm and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Please contact the office for an arrival time on a Saturday. Keys are to be picked up from our office by 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or 12:30pm Saturdays unless advised on closing time prior to your arrival, keys will then be left out for your collection. Departure time is strictly 9.30am. Please note we do not allow for a check in on a Public Holiday or a Sunday.

b) We cannot allow access for the storage of refrigerated items prior to 2.00pm. Please do not ask as we do not wish to offend.

c) On arrival guests will be required to provide a driver’s license/photo ID and Credit Card details you have provided on your Security Deposit Form to confirm card details on arrival.

d) If you intend to arrive out of hours or have another party collecting the keys on your behalf, please provide this information and notify the office in the week prior to your arrival. If arriving out of business hours, keys may be made available by arrangement only, but under no circumstances will keys be left out unless the balance of your accommodation is paid in full and all paperwork is received and details confirmed prior to your arrival date.

e) The agent will not be responsible for alternate accommodation or any other cost when tenants arrive out of hours.

f) If on arrival the premises is found unclean, or it comes to the attention of the guest that the premises have been damaged, the guest must promptly notify the agent and allow the agent or its contractors or employees access to the premises for the purposes of inspection and if necessary cleaning or repairing of damage. Failure to inform us immediately deems the guest to have accepted the property in the condition of arrival.

g) Extended stays may be permitted, if available, and prior arrangement has been made.

h) Late Departure: The property must be vacated by 9:30am. On vacating all keys, remote controls, etc are to be returned to our office at 23 Beach Street, Harrington immediately on vacating the premises. The purpose of these times is to allow the necessary time to clean the premises for new incoming guests. Please consider your fellow incoming holiday occupants. All windows and doors are to be secured and locked and all blinds closed. 

i) If the keys are not returned within the allotted time a late check out fee of $50 per 30mins overtime will be charged. The Agent is not required to undertake an inspection of the property in the presence of the guest on vacating the premises.

j) Our properties are not serviced. The guest is required to leave the premises in the same condition as to when they arrived. Charges will apply.


  1. LINEN

a) Unless stated, guests will be responsible for providing their own linen including sheets, pillowcases, beach towels, bath towels and tea towels.

b) Linen must be used on all beds. Failure to comply, guests will incur an extra cleaning fee.

c) Soiling or damaging any linen or pillow and protectors, will incur an extra cleaning fee or charged the cost of replacement if required.



a) If less than 8 weeks’ notice is given, no refund will apply unless another tenancy is secured for the whole of your booking period. Travel insurance is recommended, particularly for high-cost bookings. If a booking is found for the whole of your booking period, or if more than eight (8) weeks’ notice is given, then your money will be refunded, less one of the following fees:

School Holiday Cancellation Fee: $55.00 cancellation fee plus reimbursement of any eftpos/bank fees if applicable.

Non-School Holiday Cancellation Fee: $22.00 cancellation fee plus reimbursement of any eftpos/bank fees if applicable.

Property Transfers: If a transfer from one property to another, owned by different property owners, the transfer will be treated as a cancellation, and the associated fees and charges will apply (see above).

No refund is made on the unused portion of rent, if guests vacate the property prior to their departure date.

Please Note: the initial booking fee of $40.00 and any Credit Card and cleaning charges are non-refundable.


  1. PETS

a) Pets are not permitted on the premises unless the property is designated “Pet friendly”, and the office has been notified with the returned Pet Agreement signed or by strict prior arrangement only. If pets are found at the property without being notified, the booking will be terminated and the guests will be asked to vacate with no refund made.  

b) Each pet friendly property has individual terms and conditions set by the property owner, which must be adhered too.  Failure to comply with any properties terms and condition, will result in the booking will be terminated and guests will be asked to vacate with no refund made.

c) The property must be kept odour and excrement free. Failure to comply will result in a cleaning fee being charged to the guest.

d) The guests accept full responsibility and any damages caused by pets.

e) Any pest control required as a result of a pet inside and or on the premises will be charged to the guest.

f) The guests accept full responsibility for their pets and indemnifies the property owner and the agent for any claims or injuries to third parties caused by any guests or their visitor’s pets



a) The property must not be used for unlawful purposes.

b) It is the guest’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the property during the lease period. 

c) The properties are furnished and equipped for the amount shown. Extra guests will not be tolerated. We want you to be comfortable, so please tell us how many are in your party including children or any special needs that we may be able to help you with. No extra mattresses are to be brought onto the property. If the property is reported to be overloaded, the booking will be terminated and guests will be asked to vacate with no refund made.

d) The premises are let for residential holiday accommodation purposes only. Functions, parties and extra guests are strictly not allowed and penalties apply. Any type of function, party or get-together will incur a minimum non-negotiable function fee of $500 and immediate eviction will occur without refund of any unused stay. In addition, the security deposit may be claimed in full where any cleaning is required or damage results to the premises.

e) All guests must conduct themselves in a proper manner so as not to cause a nuisance, including excess noise, or interfere with the use or enjoyment of the property for other occupiers or neighbouring properties. Unruly, loud or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. In most cases one warning will be given before cancellation of your booking, however if the police are called than no warning will be given and the booking will be cancelled immediately.

f) Upon cancellation of a booking, you will be required to vacate the premises and return the keys to our office within one hour of such notice. There will be no refund of any unused portion of your booking.

g) Premises are furnished to the individual property owner/s taste and style and the Agent takes no responsibility for any unmet expectations of guests, or any changes made by the owner to the décor, furnishings and equipment to the premises.

h) Furniture is not to be moved. Items are not to be moved from room to room or property to property. A fee will be charged should this occur.

i) Guests are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of accommodation keys and remote controls. Duplicate keys are not available. The agent reserves the right to charge a service fee of $100 for having to provide occupants with keys out of normal business hours – please note this service is a courtesy at the agent’s discretion, not a requirement of the agent or staff.

j) Guests will be responsible for damage beyond fair wear and tear to the property or premises or loss of or damage to any items at the property. This includes but not limited to floors and floor coverings, furniture and fittings, kitchen utensils, crockery, glassware and cutlery. Guests will pay to the agent the full cost of replacement or repair of any such items damaged or lost. All breakages, damages, lost keys, remote controls or property are to be reported to the Agent and paid for immediately. All furniture and equipment must be left in the premises as originally found.                                              

k) Guests will be responsible for costs incurred for retuning TV/VCR’s which have been detuned by guests or by the attachment of electronic devices, PlayStation, etc.

l) All guests are responsible for keeping the property secure during their stay and will be responsible for any theft or damage due to neglect in this area.

m) No responsibility is taken for guests personal property brought upon, damaged, destroyed, left at or near the premises or lost during the occupants stay. No liability is accepted for any injury, debt, damage, loss, delay, expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events beyond the agent or owners controls. It is recommended that the guests take out personal property insurance or adequate travel insurance should any unexpected situations arise before or during your travel period.

n) The guest is not permitted to remove or interfere with the operation of a smoke alarm. The guests are required to notify the agent as soon as practicable after becoming aware of the need for the battery or smoke alarm unit appears faulty.

o) In case of apartments, units and villas, car parking or carports are numbered. Guests may only park in designated areas. Extra vehicles, boats etc are to park outside the grounds unless other satisfactory arrangements are made with the Agent. All occupants and visitors of the occupant must adhere to Strata By-Laws at all times.

p) Strictly no tents, caravans, or extra mattresses or bedding are permitted on the property. An extra fee will be charged.

q) Any areas designated as private by the owners are strictly out of bounds.

r) Tenancy Databases: LJ Hooker Harrington is a member of TICA and YesBookIt Bad Books Guest Register. Any guest defaulting on their tenancy as a result of unpaid tariffs, malicious damage or serious breach of Terms and Conditions may be listed complying with legislation and acts.

s) The cost of the standard clean is included in the tariff charges. LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to charge any additional costs above the standard clean from guests at or following a departure as stated in section 3.



a) All holiday properties under LJ Hooker Harrington management are privately owned and are rented on a fully self-contained basis. In the event of faults and/or malfunctions of appliances or inclusions, there is no obligation from the owner or LJ Hooker Harrington to compensate or discount.

b) LJ Hooker Harrington will accept no responsibility for any inconvenience with machinery breakdown. The agent’s best endeavours to repair, replace or hire an alternative will be undertaken.

c) If a situation arises which we have no control, LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to move guests to alternative accommodation subject to availability at their discretion or at the direct instruction of the property owner. If this is the case, we will notify all guests as soon as possible and make every reasonable effort to make sure they are satisfied with their new address.

d) In the event of any renovation and building work being carried out near the holiday premises, such work is beyond the control of the Agent and the owner and the Agent cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance, noise or inconvenience guests may suffer as a result. No discount will be negotiated in these circumstances.

e) Occupation of premises, which in the absolute discretion of the Agent causes nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers, will be terminated forthwith.

f) You are required to allow repair and/or service personnel to enter the premises for the purpose of conducting any repair or service deemed necessary by the Agent. Such times of entering will be arranged prior where possible, and unless in the opinion of the Agent an emergency situation could exist or arise, will be between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm.

g) Guests requesting a service call that is subsequently found not to be required will be charged the applicable service call-out fee.

h) It is standard procedure for us not to charge an additional cleaning fee, however we reserve the right to charge an additional fee should the premises not be found in a satisfactory condition on your departure, see Clause 3 - Departure above. Excess garbage, bottles, boxes, etc will not be collected by Council and must be removed and disposed of by the guests. Garbage pick-up is Thursday night for early collection Friday morning. Should your bins be more than 1/4 full on your departure, LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to charge an additional fee.

i) We hope you catch plenty of fish, but please clean them at the boat ramps and not at the premises. Smoking is not permitted inside the premises. Guests must discard cigarette butts into the rubbish bins. Cigarette butts discarded into garden beds may incur an additional charge for cleaning.

j) A $50 BBQ cleaning fee will be charged for an unclean BBQ on departure.

k) We endeavour to have the BBQ gas bottles full. If the gas does run out while you are at the property please take your key tag, empty gas bottle, holiday property address and the name the booking is in to Harrington Service Station, 85 Beach Street, Harrington, and charge the swap and go cylinder to the LJ Hooker Harrington account.

l) Left Items: if requested we will endeavour to recover and return items inadvertently left in a holiday property, but we take no responsibility for recovery or return of these items. If found, left items are to be collected at LJ Hooker Harrington within 14 days of departure. If not claimed we will dispose of the item or donate to charity after 14 days. The agent and their contractors will not be held responsible for left items.

m) LJ Hooker Harrington may inspect the property with reasonable notice at any time without notice if there is any belief that there has been a breach of these conditions.

n) If the occupancy ends or the tenancy is terminated, guests must immediately vacate the property. LJ Hooker Harrington is authorised to do what is required to enforce the eviction of any guest and removal of guest’s property.

o) Nothing in this agreement shall compromise the manager to issue legal proceedings in NSW or elsewhere at its discretion seeking damages and/or punitive relief for any expenses or implied breeches of this agreement and/or any claim which may arise by reason of the negligence and/or wilful damage of the tenants/guests and/or the invitees whatsoever.  

p) Complaints are to be in writing to harrington@ljhooker.com.au. We do appreciate you drawing these matters to our attention & will do everything possible to rectify any problems.

q) Schoolies and event bookings will not be accepted, as we do not have the policies, procedures and / or resources to accommodate these bookings.



a) In the event of the property being on the sales market, the tenant agrees to allow the Agent to inspect the property with prospective purchasers during reasonable hours by appointment.

b) When a booking is made, the deposit is accepted for the owner at the time. If the property is for sale, and the ownership changes before your holiday, we cannot guarantee that the property will remain available. A full refund will be provided if this is the case. We cannot accept responsibility for decisions made by the new owner.

c) If a property is sold, guests will be notified as soon as possible so that alternative accommodation can be organised.



a) Any printed, written or verbal description of the premises by the agent or an employee is made in good faith, however from time to time aspects of the content may be out of date due to certain information being provided by others including owners, and for that we accept no responsibility for its accuracy or any wrongful description which may occur. Should the property not meet your expectations, no refund will be issued.

b) LJ Hooker Harrington acts as letting agent on behalf of the owners and in accordance with the owner’s instructions. LJ Hooker Harrington reserves the right to take appropriate remedial action and/or seek compensation for any serious breach of these conditions of letting.

c) All bookings are taken in good faith and arranged for the dates shown on the receipt, having regard to the circumstances existing at the date of the receipt being issued, on behalf of the current owner of the premises. The agent will not accept responsibility for any decision, action or arrangement of the current or a new owner of the premises, including but not limited to the sale of the property, withdrawal from rental, the property being rendered uninhabitable, a change in the accommodation fee or the alteration of the property in a way prior to your occupation. We reserve the right to cancel any booking should anything arise, which in our opinion absolutely renders the booking impractical. In that event we shall notify you as soon as possible and do our best to arrange alternative accommodation or dates suitable to you, failing which all deposit monies will be refunded, but no other claim, right or action or demand shall exist in or be made by either party.

The registered guest solemnly and sincerely declare the information given is true and correct and have supplied the information of their own free will.






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